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  • Corporate and Business Issues
  • Business Plans
  • Corporate and Business Accounting
  • International Tax (inbound/outbound/offshore)
  • Estate Planning & Trusts
  • Real Estate
  • Capital Gains
  • Tax Return Preparation

That is my specialty-let me help you!

When it comes to dealing with high-level Canadian tax matters, there are very few accountants and lawyers who are up to the task. Most, in fact, will (wisely) stay away from them. However, I have been dealing with high-level, Canadian tax matters for over 35 years! High-level tax planning and consulting is what I do!

However, unlike the vast majority of the other high-echelon tax professionals in Canada, I do not practice as part of a large accounting or law firm. I believe that gives me a tremendous edge in terms of the quality of service that I can provide to you.